Christopher Heck, Business Development Manager Nintendo of Europe:

“It is a great way to discover and connect with indies from Europe.”

Goran Saric, co-founder Okomotive, makers of Far: Lone Sails:

“The European Game Showcase in San Francisco was quite a positive experience for us. It’s a small business meeting with platform holders and publishers and only with some handpicked game projects. Within that small scope it was quite easy for us to get in contact with a representative of Sony. Two days later we already got access to Sony’s back-end and we could order a devkit for our PS4 port.”

Simon Stålhandske Co-founder, Triple Topping Games:

“Showcasing Spitkiss at the European Games Showcase at GDC helped us secure essential platform contacts before release.”

Koen Deetman, CEO, KeokeN Interactive:

“Besides meeting great industry talent, showcasing at European Game Showcase allowed us to meet space fanatic “Scott Manley” one of the larger YouTubers that has played Deliver Us The Moon, plus it allowed us to reconnect with the spotlight of of one of the biggest northern gaming websites “Game Reactor” who has followed our endeavors since. Do not underestimate this cosy event, it attracts more than you would expect.”

Floris Kaayk, founder Studio Floris Kaayk, developer of Next Space Rebels:

“Our game Next Space Rebels was selected for the European Game Showcase 2020. Even though that year GDC and the EGS were cancelled, being part of the EGS-selection really helped us in signing a deal with a major publisher.”

Tim Symons, former Product Development Manager Nintendo Europe:

“This is an awesome event! Highly recommended for both indies and publishers to attend.”

Jorge M. Carvalho, Lead Developer at Whales And Games:

“The European Game Showcase was one of the highlights of our GDC. It allowed us to meet and present our game to several publishers and potential partners in a dedicated showcase space, and also allowed us to meet many other incredible colleagues and developers working on their own games!”

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