The main European Game Showcase organisers team consists of (in alphabetical order) Dajana Dimovska, Eva Gaspar, Tobias Kopka and Alessandra van Otterlo. You can contact us via email.

Dajana Dimovska (she/her) is Co-CEO and Bizdev at NapNok Games and CEO at Indium Play. She is also co-founder of the Copenhagen Games Collective. Click here for more information.

Eva Gaspar is Founder & CEO of the Spanish publisher Abylight Studios, CEO of the seasoned games developer Abylight Barcelona and Founder and CEO of the Business Consultant Agency Click here for more information.

Tobias Kopka is the founder of curatomic, helping game dev events around the globe with concept, speakers, and program direction for more than 15 years. Notable events include gamescom, Reboot Develop, devcom and Ludicious. Click here for more information.

Alessandra van Otterlo (she/her) is the owner and editor in chief of Control, the online developer magazine for The Netherlands and Belgium. She is also program director for the Dutch Game Day. Click here for more information.

Supporting Partners:

Jakub MarszaƂkowski, Hanna MarszaƂkowska, Oliver Miescher, Micaela Romanini, Marco Accordi Rickards, Simon Barratt, our partners, sponsors and various other people and organisations help us to organize the European Game Showcase. We couldn’t do it without them!

The EGS team at the rare occasion taking a pic together during EGS2018.