EGS 2023 in preparation

As events are back to normal, the EGS team is preparing the partnerships, website, newsletter, and call for submissions for EGS 2023 during GDC in San Francisco in March 2023!

To be informed when our call for games opens in December 2022, sign up for our newsletter, and if you want to partner up, get in touch with Dajana, Alessandra, and Tobias to be communicated first with all our newsletter-announcements, the website and on-site during the event.

Impressions EGS 2022

Thank you, developers, for creating, submitting, and showcasing your newest games.
Thank you, publishers, press, investors, and platform holders for signing up and joining as guests.
Thank you for making sure we have the right games on display, dear jury members from all over Europe.
Thank you to our hosts at Swissnex in San Francisco and #Swissgames for providing us an amazing venue again – being true partners.
And a big thank you goes out to our sponsors who made it possible to provide food and drinks to our guests, to host us, to connect us, and help us to keep the initiative going!

You all made EGS 2022 post-pandemic edition happen!

Thank you, your EGS 2022 Team
Alessandra van Otterlo, Dajana Dimovska, Eva Gaspar, and Tobias Kopka

Thank you to our sponsors and partners:

swissnex: Connecting Switzerland, North America and the world in science, education, innovation and the arts.

Xsolla: Find your way to funding with Xsolla Accelerator, a new investment program powered by Xsolla

MeetToMatch is the premium event networking service that combines an online meeting platform with a full-service matchmaking approach.

Premortem Games: Knowing before failing.
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SwissGames: Exporting Fun & Innovation Worldwide

Call EGS 2022 is closed

Thank you all for submitting 100 outstanding games. We are just preparing the final selection, conversing with the potential exhibiting teams and partners, and are preparing the showcase in San Francisco. Forms for declaring your interest in visiting (Publishers, Press, Investors and Platform Holders only) will open soon.

EGS Call for Submissions Extended

(Update January 13, 2022)

We decided to extend the deadline for submissions to January 21. As we wanted to reach out and take the time to update you on our plans of processing further on. As we are aware of the huge uncertainty again connected to international travel – and that uncertainty includes ourselves of course, too.

As we are assessing the situation ourselves as well, please don´t hold back submitting your games. We understand that you are not 100% sure if you will be able to attend GDC. At this point no one is.

We have planned on an online alternative in case an on-site GDC is not possible. At this point, it’s too early to make a final decision if our event will be physical or online, but for organizational reasons, there is no way we can delay our selection process further than a week.

So in case you are thinking of going to GDC, please submit your game by January, 21st! Thank you!

The Call for Games at GDC 2022 is Open

The European Game Showcase at GDC 2022

We are back with the 2022 edition of The European Game Showcase at GDC 2022! After two years of turmoil, we are super excited to bring back the physical event experience of EGS as the spot-on event bringing opportunities to developers at GDC 2022.

The Call for Games is open !

Be one of 30+ games from Europe showcasing in an invite-online setting away from the hustle-bustle of GDC, so submit your fresh games here right now: (Open from December 10, 2021)

The deadline is January 21, 2022 (extended from January 14, 2022). See here for context.

And before you are asking: yes, we have a backup plan for a wonderful online exhibition experience, too – but as we are focusing on creating a physical experience for people to meet in person, we are only accepting submissions by developers, who intend to showcase in person at GDC 2022 first and foremost.

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Important information European Game Showcase 2020

When the GDC organization announced that they will postpone the event to later this summer, this also meant that we had to evaluate our plans for the European Game Showcase. We learned that the majority of the developers who are part of the European Game Showcase at GDC have cancelled their trip. Only a handful of them will be in San Francisco to showcase their game.

Following official announcements, social media, and hearing back from our network has taught us that a considerable amount of press, publishers, platform holders and investors have also cancelled their travel plans, or are thinking of cancelling.

Considering the above, we feel that we can’t guarantee the quality or critical mass – for both developers and attendees – that we strive for. Therefore we had to make the difficult decision to cancel EGS 2020.

We are very sorry that we can’t make the European Game Showcase 2020 happen, but we hope you understand that this is completely out of our hands.

EGS 2020 submissions trend: games as personal experiences.

Stay tuned for the showcase lineup announcement soon! 

Selecting the games for the European Game Showcase is living the dream and struggling at the same time: we enjoy checking out videogames as work, but the selection process is tough. Choosing the most promising games is as challenging as some levels in the games we’re reviewing. We need to balance style, genres, regions of submission to put together the best showcase.

Across more than 100 submitted games, we’re noticing a curious trend of “games as experiences”: most of the projects present carefully crafted game worlds that take the whole thing to another level by creating additional attachment between the player and the game. 

The submissions ranged from quirky simulators – which put us in someone else’s shoes – puzzle games with unique mechanics, action games and shooters that provide speed and thrill, to adventures that bring us to all kinds of imaginary places: from dark, eerie and mysterious, to comic-style, dynamic gangster ones, and even folklore-inspired. 

Creative takes on various favorite genres are surely on the list… and, thanks to non-trivial settings and appealing storylines, these games make for an exciting line-up. 

Which games made the cut? You’ll know very soon when the showcase participants are announced this week. 🙂