The European Game Showcase at GDC 2022

We are back with the 2022 edition of The European Game Showcase at GDC 2022! After two years of turmoil, we are super excited to bring back the physical event experience of EGS as the spot-on event bringing opportunities to developers at GDC 2022.

Deadline for Submissions extented!

Be one of 30+ games from Europe showcasing in an invite-online setting away from the hustle-bustle of GDC, so submit your fresh games here right now: (Open from December 10 2021)

The deadline is January 21, 2022. (extended from January 14th, see below).

And, yes, before you are asking: yes, we have a backup plan for a wonderful online exhibition experience, too – but as we are focusing on creating a physical experience for people to meet in person, we are only accepting submissions by developers, who are intending to showcase in person at GDC 2022 first and foremost.

Update January 13, 2022

We decided to extend the deadline for submissions to January 21. As we wanted to reach out and take the time to update you on our plans of processing further on. As we are aware of the huge uncertainty again connected to international travel – and that uncertainty includes ourselves of course, too.

As we are assessing the situation ourselves as well, please don´t hold back submitting your games. We understand that you are not 100% sure if you will be able to attend GDC. At this point no one is.

We have planned on an online alternative in case an on-site GDC is not possible. At this point, it’s too early to make a final decision if our event will be physical or online, but for organizational reasons, there is no way we can delay our selection process further than a week.

So in case you are thinking of going to GDC, please submit your game by January, 21st! Thank you!

About EGS

Christopher Heck, Business Development Manager Nintendo of Europe:

“It is a great way to discover and connect with indies from Europe.”

Goran Saric, co-founder Okomotive, makers of Far: Lone Sails:

“The European Game Showcase in San Francisco was quite a positive experience for us. It’s a small business meeting with platform holders and publishers and only with some handpicked game projects. Within that small scope it was quite easy for us to get in contact with a representative of Sony. Two days later we already got access to Sony’s back-end and we could order a devkit for our PS4 port.”

About the event: What is the European Game Showcase?
The European Game Showcase at GDC is a pro-bono event where 30+ European developers showcase their newest games to the press, publishers, and strategic partners. It’s an invite-only event aimed to help developers and their showcased projects in taking the next steps towards success. More detailed information can be found in our FAQ.

Date and time
March 22, 2022, 4:00 – 8:00 PM, Location TBA

Showcase selection
You will find the selected games for the European Game Showcase 2022 after the selection is completed end of February here.

Can I attend as a visitor?
If you are a member of the press, a publisher, platform holder, or potential strategic partner and you want to be considered for the European Game Showcase guest list, please fill out this form. Invitations go out from the beginning of March. We will get in touch.

The main organization team of the event is (in alphabetical order) Dajana Dimovska, Eva Gaspar, Tobias Kopka, and Alessandra van Otterlo. The European Game Showcase receives support from a wide range of people and organizations across Europe including Jakub Marszałkowski, Oliver Miescher, Micaela Romanini, and Simon Barratt.

More questions?
To learn more about the event itself, why we organize it, the venue, cost, etc? Please check our Frequently Asked Questions!


If you are wondering if EGS is a thing: you can find more good experiences from our showcasing developers or attendees here.

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