EGS 2022 – Thank you!

Thank you, developers, for creating, submitting, and showcasing your newest games.
Thank you, publishers, press, investors, and platform holders for signing up and joining as guests.
Thank you for making sure we have the right games on display, dear jury members from all over Europe.
Thank you to our hosts at Swissnex in San Francisco and #Swissgames for providing us an amazing venue again – being true partners.
And a big thank you goes out to our sponsors who made it possible to provide food and drinks to our guests, to host us, to connect us, and help us to keep the initiative going!

You all made EGS 2022 post-pandemic edition happen!

Thank you, your EGS 2022 Team
Alessandra van Otterlo, Dajana Dimovska, Eva Gaspar, and Tobias Kopka

Thank you to our sponsors and partners:

swissnex: Connecting Switzerland, North America and the world in science, education, innovation and the arts.

DAHL has a strong team of top-ranked tech lawyers providing strategic legal advice for companies in any industry dealing with new innovations and technologies – including the game development industry.

MeetToMatch is the premium event networking service that combines an online meeting platform with a full-service matchmaking approach.

Premortem Games: Knowing before failing.
Your ultimate business resource to game development.

SwissGames: Exporting Fun & Innovation Worldwide

Indium Play:

Indium PLAY is a Quality Assurance studio like no other. Science and Passion fused into one!